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    Jan 2, 2014
    I have 2 silver spangled hamburgs that I got from IDEAL poultry (1 yr 3 months old ) that are silent. They have no, and never had any egg song (which I love as an outlaw). Neither of them sing when they lay, they do rarely participate when the other girls do a community egg song. Is this normal for the breed to be quiter? I know they are supposed to be "nervous" birds, which they are compared to my other chickens, but I don't think nervous or flighty is the word to describe them, more cautious if anything. I prefer this to my Cochin and 2 barnevelders who LOVE to sing all day everyday with or without an egg, loud too, and will swarm me and walk right under my feet.

    Thinking of replacing them, as pretty as a mix flock is with all hamburgs if they are all relatively quite.
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