Silent rooster?


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6 Years
Dec 1, 2013
Ok... so my rooster is only about 7 months old. Today I noticed when he walks around he'll stop occasionally and open his beak up wide but no sound comes out. I watched him do it about 10 times in less than a minute. Are there such things as a silent rooster? Or is there something else going on? I know nothing about roosters, and I did not mean to get one, but I told him if he's not too loud or aggressive he could stay haha

Maybe he heard me ; )
Thanks for the information! I looked into gapeworm, he is very active still running around and eating a lot. I walked outside to look at him just now and they all came running across the yard to me, and he was the first to arrive. Is that likely with Gapeworm?

Also while he was there he was making pretty good clucking sounds like all the hens.
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