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May 24, 2020
I’m new here! Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place. I know that you are suppose to breed silkies to the same colors minus a few exceptions. Such as a paint to a black. However, I have a silkie hen who has gone broody and would love to let her have some eggs to hatch. However I do not want to cross colors that should never be done.

Hen colors that I have:
Blue partridge

rooster colors that I have:
columbian gray
White (kind of wondering if he may have a paint breeding line due to one of his white feathers having a black shaft the whole way through?)

I will post some pictures and if you all could tell me which ones I should breed together to let miss broody sit on, I would appreciate it 😊

Also, if you have any experience breeding any of these colors together, what did the babies hatch to be?


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My suggestion would be white and paint together. There is no real reason you can't put the others together if you're only raising them for your own interest. It just means there will be some recessive genes which may leak out and give you colour surprises in the future, not great if you want to show or sell birds. Blue and black would also work well together, but you have no roo.
Whitexblue=blue and black paint
Whitexpaint= white and paint
Not quite sure what that other male is, obviously a mishmash of genes but I'm pretty sure he's silver. And I think he might have the Columbian gene.
Columbian/greyxpartridge=golden males and silver females. Some may be Columbian and some may not.
Columbian/greyxblue partridge=golden males and silver females. Some may be Columbian and some may not. Half will have the blue gene.

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