Silkie Chick Dirty Feet


Apr 16, 2022
Provo, Utah
we have two silkies, and they are about 6 weeks. they walk around in their brooder (soon to be coop!) and they get poop on their feet. the poop is sticky. and shavings get stuck to their feet, and their feet are all matted with poop. is there is a way to clean their feet or stop their feet from getting dirty?
Feather footed fleets need regular laundering. Learned that early on with a couple of Black Cochins that were real slobs.

It's simple. You can either hold the dirty feet under a faucet and rinse them or put a couple inches of warm water into a basin and swish the feet around to loosen the dirt. Pay attention to the bottoms of the feet, removing any pebbles or poop from dimples in the pads. Pat dry.

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