Silkie chick question...when to coop with cold temps?


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Oct 6, 2014
Hi! I have 4 new silkie chickens....2 3month old and 2 8 month old. We have a coop and run done for them, but I am scared to put them all outside in this weather. I know the older ones are ready, but I feel like the 3 month old chicks are still not completely feathered. We live in MA and the nights are getting colder! Anyone know silkies that can help? Thanks!
They can handle nights now and smaller birds will soon be able to handle winter. Your bigger challenge with be predators. Work on making so raccoons can not actually touch that coop.
I have silkies and it dips to below freezing where I live and I've never even put in a heat light in the winter. Once they've been acclimated they should do fine. But don't wait until it gets colder to put them out because the longer you wait the colder it's going to get and they won't have time to get used to it slowly and then you'll be more apt to encounter problems. Good luck!
Doing the top tonight so the birds are never unattended....i am more nervous about the cold and babies!!

They can handle to cold if kept dry. My experience indicates you are much more likely to loose all birds in one night to a raccoon than to extreme winter temperatures. Show closer pictures of actual coop targeting doors, windows, and other access points.

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