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I'm getting a group of silkies this year, and I'm interested in breeding them in the future. (as long as they are all healthy and worth breeding) I'm getting black, white, blue, and buff. I'm interested in knowing what color combinations I may get. I've seen some beautiful lavenders and "paint" silkies on the forums....What would I do to eventually get something like that? Any help would be great!
You won't be able to get lavender from regular blues and blacks. Lavender is self-blue, which is different than blue. If you breed 2 lavender birds together, you will ~always~ get lavender offspring; however, if you breed 2 blue birds together, you can get blue, black, and splash all from the same mating. I believe that paint is another word for splash (white with black or blue splotches), but more well-versed silkie people feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Breeding buffs will always give you more buffs, and breeding buff with blue or black won't give you any specific variety but probably some very pretty birds with a lot of color.
Due to "chicken math", we now have quite a few more silkies!
We now have:

Next year we plan on getting some lavender and maybe splash if they don't show up in the natural course of things.

Any idea with this set of colors? (I've seen some awesome "cuckoo" silkies that I love!!

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