Silkie comb color question????? ETA: PICTURE


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What is the lightest color mulberry a silkies comb can be without being DQ'd? Pictures would be very helpful. The color silkie would be buff incase that matters. I've heard its hard to get darker combs on buffs.
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Yes, one judge will rule that it is okay; another will not. Lighting varies and that can make a difference in how the colours appear. And to top it off the colour on the bird can vary--especially on males--from one day to another--temperature and sparring can alter the colour--typically increasing the redness.
What about this comb? I know the shape isnt the best, but he is very very typey. I do have another rooster with a darker less bumpy comb. I will be using both roosters to see who produces the best offspring.

I think its a shade of mulberry, but i'm interested to see what other people think.

ETA: He is 9 months old.
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My opinion is it is really too light--but if you really want to breed him (which I understand as I myself have chosen to keep a buff cockerel who has too light a comb) match him to the girl with the darkest skin and feet. You want both Fm and id+ working for you.
Okay. I do have 2 girls with really dark skin/feet/and combs. I do have another cockerel with a darker smoother comb. The only thing about him is that he is darker buff on the hackles and saddle, and his foot feathering isnt as silkie as this rooster.

Do you have any pictures of your buff cockerel? I should get some dark combed male chicks from him, right?
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I agree, his comb is too light. Also, depending on the judge, some judges would mark him for off color as he is so light buff that his under color is practically white. Not desireable.

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