Silkie Egg SALE! 6+ for just $25.00includes shipping! offer still open


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
You will receive 6+ assorted silkie eggs (what ever is laid that day). I can try to fill requests for color but no guarentees. I have a blue/splash pen, a buff pen, a partridge pen, a white pen, and a cuckoo pen. Eggs will be collected fresh the day before or the morning of the day they are shipped. Paypal only please or E mail me if you would like to pay by a POSTAL moneyorder. This will be first come fist serve and eggs will be shipped in the order that payments are received. I will take up to 10 orders. Just post here that you would like a set and paypal can be sent to: [email protected] Thank you so much! JEN
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Thanks Paula! You get the first set! (or 2 LOL) Thanks again! JEN
Thanks, Jen. Can't wait to get them!

I will take the second set - thanks a bunch - I prefer the white - would love the white!!!! hint hint hint - thanks
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I just sent the 25.00 - I prefer the eggs from the white pen if possible...I dont have any white and would love some...


I have been doing 12 eggs for $40.00. I will see how many white eggs I can collect and ship them on wednesday morning! JEN

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