Silkie Expert needed! 9 week old- roo or hen?


9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
Spring Grove, PA
Okay I know silkies are hard to tell gender but I have 6 white silkie chicks I purchased at TSC and they are 9 weeks old. I have figured out most of their genders but this one has me stumped. Unfortuneatly I think I have 5 roos,

Okay any guesses?
Here is the one I know is a roo, he crowed!!!

here is the one I think is a hen

thanks for looking!
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Well. The one that crowed... rooster
The others I would have to say hens. They don't look like the roo. The pics are hard to tell by due to size.

My partridge is 12 weeks old. Today I saw color (green) in the tail feathers and I said definitively " Matrix, you're a rooster". The wattles came at about 10 weeks. The posture at about 7 or 8. Still no crowing. They are so hard to tell.
Are you sure they are 9 weeks old? I have a 12 week old silkie chick hopefully a girl) and it's much smaller. It is black and the neck feathers are still coming in with just a tiny tuff on the head. Granted, it's a feed store chick, but the pick of you with your hand next to the chick makes it look much bigger than mine, which I can scoop up with one hand.
I am pretty sure the are 9 weeks,(now 10 weeks) I purchased them at TSC in the bantam bin and was told they were only a few days old and that was on April 2. Here is what they looked like when I brought them home. This girl is the smallest of the 6 I got too. Is their a regular size silkie chicken? Maybe they are not bantams I am not sure.
the day I brought them home

a few days after we brought them home

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hmmmmm, this is what my feed store silkie looked like almost a week after I got her (she was a "day" old chick, I figure 3 days wen I got her).

I think your chicks were at least 2 weeks old, probably closer to 3 when you got them. They still seem large, or maybe mine are just small. But, for what it's worth, I think Puff is a pullet
I still have no idea what sex mine is, way to young to tell. I am just trying to compare her to the pictures I took of my silkie roo as he grew up. She has no wattles, and her neck and head feathers are still coming in, so I am hoping pullet
since I am pretty sure that the little blue sillie "friend" I got her at ChickenStock Saturday is a roo in the making
At least he is super sweet. Good Luck!!
oh, how cute! what do yours look like now. I found another picture of mine
Here is the picture the day I brought them home. I think the other one was a few days after, sorry
yeah yours still look like they were about a week old there....

I agree that you have 2 hens. mystery gender looks nada like your roo and they're the same age, and it looks like that one has a very nice poofy head is all, and hardly no waddle growth.

I have 1 7 week or so and 2 6 week old blue silkie chicks and I'm dying to know what gender they are! much to small to tell yet, man i can't wait for atleast a month to get here to be sure.

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