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Jun 2, 2021
My young silkie rooster has short feathers growing up and into both of eyes from his cheeks. My other silkies dont seem to have this problem at the moment. Would you recommend trimming his feathers with rounded-tip facial shears? He is very tame and loves when I rub the feathers back out of his eyes. I am a dog groomer so I am confident that I can safely trim them back. I guess I’m asking, is this what needs to be done? Or is there something else I can do that will keep his cheek fuzzies from growing up and into his eyes? I just don’t want his eyes to become irritated or damaged by his feathers and jeopardize his vision.

I have included a picture of him. Although you can’t see his eyes from the picture, you probably notice his wet cheeks.


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Apr 4, 2011
Lexington, KY
I trimmed the feathers around the eyes of my silkies partly for their own comfort- but also because they were part of a free-range flock and they need to be able to see potential predators.

Just be insanely careful when you do it as they can move their heads way faster than you can your hands. But yes, they will appreciate your help.

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