Silkie Flock: two trios plus one, Blue, Black, Buff/isabel

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    May 19, 2009
    Moving out Silkies to make room for more Seramas! Except for my beloved pet Phyllis, all my Silkies are for sale. Most were hatched in October, and they all have the same father. The bigger cockerel and the buff pullet have a partridge isabel mother, and the rest have a black mother. The group consists of two black pullets, hatched last spring, two black cockerels, hatched in October, and a blue and a buff pullet hatched in October. The father was het for lav, so all may carry lavender. The plus one is a Silkie/Cochin hen who is het for lav and white. She's a good broody, and her chicks have correct skin and feet, sometimes feathers. These were just quick pics; I can get better ones if you request them.
    I can ship, and I can bring them to shows in Marietta or Kentucky. If you are interested in a pair or trio, let me know so I can make a separate auction.
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