silkie has a freaky sixth toe?? pics included


Feb 12, 2010
Roanoke VA
I just noticed that one of my chicks fifth toe has two nails and it looks like two toes fused together?!?
Is this common?? or is she a little freak LOL
strange thing also is she doesnt have black skin like the others could she be a mix of something??



here is full view he/she is the one on the far left with the orange beak

hmmm looks like I have 3 that are mixes since three have green legs!! wonder what the heck they are??

Darn and I really wanted silkies, I can only have ten chickens so Im very limited and trying to get the breeds I really want
hopefully the other three are silkies and they are hens since no roos in my city..

Well this little adventure just keeps getting more and more interesting!! now not only am i wondering who is a roo but now what I have LOL
I have a baby with the same thing, 2 toe nails on 1 toe. Although mine has 2 separate toes, 5 total toes on the foot, but 1 toe has 2 toe nails. I got him/her just because he/she was so sweet, but I can't show him/her and don't plan on breeding him/her. The breeder said because of that, he/she is just pet quality, and that was ok with me!

Here is a pic, if you look closely on the chicks right foot, you can see the double toe nail!

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