silkie hatching eggs 24+ blu,blck,wht,splash,buff, sometimes partridge


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Mar 12, 2008
Powder Springs, ga
you will get an assortment. All my silkies are bearded, blue ear lobes, black skin 5 toes, birds are separated by color,I have no guarantee on the hatch rate,depends on the postal svc handling, and incubation methods, but I have good hatch rate here. I'm keeping my mother for the next month, so no time for chicks. These eggs will be collected up to Wednesday. I've been collecting between 10-15 eggs per day sometimes I get partridge chicks from my black pen but last batch of 15 that hatched, I got one partridge, has to be some hidden gene in there. I have a new buff pen,Catdance roo over buff hens with great lines. I've had a friend that hatched all 6 buff eggs that I gave her on a test run,all 6 hatched most clear buff with vaulted skulls.
I ship priority mail with confirmation tracking #,and bubble wrap. I accept paypal at my email address [email protected].
I ship to the lower 48 states.let me know if you want to have your post ofc to hold for pick up, and then I will need your tel # for the box. Would like to mail these out on Wednesday, so please pay as soon as auction ends.



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Apr 13, 2008
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You won't go wrong with Mary's eggs.... They Are healthy happy babies....I've seen her lovely coops as well...She takes such care of them.... We have many of her grandchildren and great grandchildren on our farm. Thanks Mary for giving me the love of silkies! and sharing your lovely birds with us all!

Here are a few of her babies! They are growing nicely!

and here they are a while later.....

I think we got 2 girls and a boy but I need about a month more before I can tell.......
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