Silkie Head Injury (with photo)

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    May 10, 2014
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    Hello everyone,
    Please tell me if I am doing this right. So my silkie hen has been getting pecked by the other hens. The first time it scabbed over so I left it alone. We started keeping them separate during the day, but sleeping together in the protected coop at night. This morning I went out and she was all bloody, so I guess they got to her in the early morning. My plan is to use the vetericyn spray and keep her inside in the bathtub. I am wondering if I am supposed to clean the wound first though. Also, I'm worried that moving her to a new environment will be stressful. She is fine in terms of eating and drinking/pooping, walking, etc. I'm also unsure of what I am looking at, and worried because she is a silkie and they have the open skull. Any advice is appreciated.

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    I am about your little silkie. What you are doing is good. Clean the wound well and used some neosporin ointment with out the pain reliever. one of my ee had the same thing happend to her some of her feathers didn't grow back but that's ok
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    You could also apply some Blue Kote on her when the wound stops bleeding. It dresses the wound and promotes healing. You can find it at any farm store such as Tractor Supply. Good luck! Hope she feels better soon... poor girl [​IMG]

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