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  1. Brian Rinaldi

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    Sep 14, 2014
    Trumbull, CT
    Hello BYC, my name is Brian i currently live in Trumbull Connecticut im looking to expand my current flock. I ordered a few chicks that will arrive on May 4Th, i have been contemplating raising them with a heat lamp but then i thought about having one of my hens adopt them but sadly none of them broody at the moment. Then it hit me silkie's are one of if not the best mom's in the chicken universe! But here is my dilemma, i have no way to obtain a silkie pullet. I have searched cregslist local pet shops and farm stores. Nothing, so here is my last desperate attempt to obtain a silkie foster mother for my babies in the upcoming weeks. Does anyone in Connecticut have a Partridge, Buff, or Blue Silkie pullets that your willing to sell​

    UPDATE: Got some silkies
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    Congrats on finding your silkies, but you better have a brooder ready just in case.

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