Silkie littles


Jun 30, 2020
Southern New Jersey
Hi everyone. I am just curious some thoughts on gender of these new littles. Was told females and so far zero signs of crowing. Just figured I’d throw it out there.

1. Honey pie 345D1427-6988-42A3-A32C-6A6FA90F5C9C.jpeg 48E5FD9E-0942-47DA-9F31-8B561FD85C84.jpeg
2. Coalie
In these photos they do look rather girly. But we need to see full body images including head and tail.


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I'd say Honey Pie is looking fairly pullet like. I'm not seeing any obvious streamers off the back of her crest and her stance is more pullet like from what I'm seeing in the pictures. Her comb is a little larger for a girl but that can happen and given the other more feminine traits I'd guess pullet at this point. 😊

Coalie on the other hand I'm having doubts of being a girl. It does look like there are streamers coming off the back of the crest and the stance is looking much more cockerel like. The comb is small for a boy but Coalie looks a lot like a young cockerel still filling in to me otherwise. I'm definitely not 100% confident but I'd say Coalie is looking more like a cockerel at this point. Silkie males can take a long time to crow sometimes. While they can start early it is fairly common for them to start later on after they've matured and filled in more (mine usually fill in fairly well by 6-8 months). Sometimes if there are other more dominant boys around they won't crow at all.
I agree with LynnaeBP. The photos (5C8D...and 89AA...) you can see the little streamers on Coalie if you look at the back of his head (Fluffylambs must have missed that detail in the photos). The length of the legs and stance is definitely male too, females tend to be more squatty. But even though Honey Pie has the bigger comb, and the long legs, she sits squatty, and I don't see any streamers in any of the photos, which makes me think female for her.

That tail makes me think male.


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