Silkie Lover


5 Years
Apr 24, 2014
I've owned bantam silkies for 3 years now and I love them so much! What great personalities! I also had a rhode island red, but she unfortunately passed away... I miss her terribly.
Well, excited to be part of this group! Definitely a chicken lover here!
hi thank you so much for replying! thank you for your welcoming messages! I'm sorry for your loss caliphia! but you are right! silkies are just gorgeous to be around, own and breed! thanks again guys! I cant wait to hear again from you in the future! :D
Hi and welcome! I love silkies too!!!!
Make yourself at home!


Welcome to BYC!

Sorry for the loss of your RIR. They sure do get into our hearts and it is very hard to lose them. Silkies are a great breed to keep and so cute at that!

Make yourself at home here on BYC and welcome to our flock!
hi, thank you! I think it is pretty difficult not to love silkies - they so easy to love! thank you so mch for making me feel welcome!

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