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    I have an awesome silkies roo from Bobbi Porto that is five months old. He was very healthy and now all of a sudden he always tucks his head into his chest and doesnt move around much. I let him free range and he just sits there with his head tucked down into his chest. What could be causing this? I have never wormed them before but I have been dusting them for parasites. If ANYONE has had this happen, what did you do? I planned on breeding him because he is just amazing! Here is a pictures of him a few weeks ago.


    Usually he cant stay still and acts well like a rooster! He looks just tired now..... I have put some rooster booster in his water. I cleaned out his coop and dusted some more just in case there are lice and mites. Could it be worms? Can I worm him and how? Thanks!
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    threehorses has a good one on worming. If you can't fine it let me know.
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    Do a search on cerebral hernia or crookneck in silkies. Fairly common in certain lines and especially among birds with large vaults. Could have came from something as simple as a weather change or a blow to the skull. Common treatments include vitamin E and prednisone. May or may not pull out of it and usually recurrs when the bird is stressed.
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