Silkie Roos fighting

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by springchick20, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Mar 23, 2014
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    i have one silkie roo and one silkie roo mix. They both started fighting today for a long time. I waited about fifteen minutes to make sure that it didn't go on for long. And when it kept going I took one of the Roos and put him in a dog kennel in the run. Is this normal? I've had silkie Roos before and I used to have a japanesebantam roo and I never had behavior like this. I currently still have the one roo in the kennel. What should I do? Let them hash it out or will I possibly have to re home one :(
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    Oct 24, 2014
    Well I say let them fight it out but that's just me
    You could try all these odd things like dunking their head in water
    But unless you don't have enugh hens for both of them or they are in cramped space letting them duke it out should be fine. - make shure you cut off their spurs if they are sharp because they are silkies and they will get tired and prob stop after awhile

    Idk I'm not too expiriences with these birds I had 2 silkie Roos and a old English game bantum in the same place with about 4 hens and 3 young Roos they did fine the OEG bantum. Was the leader lol he was just to persistent - none of them had spurs and it was kinda funny whatching the little bird try and harm this giant (by comparison) silkie.
    Once I put a game rooster in with the game bantum to see if they would fight and the American game got bored and the Bantum ran away. Sometimes if they feel weak (have been beaten up by a bigger bird they won't bother other birds. At least that's what I've noticed and I wouldn't recomend bringing a big roo in.
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    You have a couple of options: You can let them duke it out, separate one (in a different pen, or rehoming him), or build a bachelor pen for the two of them, so they don't have anything to fight over. You didn't mention how many hens you have. You will want to take that into consideration, too. If you don't have many, those two roos could harass them enough to delay the start of egg laying if they're not laying already, or stop them altogether from the stress. When I had too many cockerels, they chased the pullets enough that the poor girls hardly had a chance to eat, drink, or rest. The cockerels would gang up on them.
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    Yes, it would help to know how many girls you have and if we had an idea of your set up, especially where space is concerned.

    I have 3 boys in my breeding pen, 2 Silkies and 1 Sizzle (< whose looking for a new home, if anyone in Tn is interested ;) ). They have 20 girls to keep them company. Other than some neck flaring and stare downs, they get along well with each other and don't harass the hens.

    If they were mine, I'd probably watch to see who the aggressor is and remove him from the flock permanently. They're likely just figuring out who's going to be in charge, but their fighting sounds pretty excessive to me, even for pecking order type stuff.

    Good luck!

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