Silkie sex help!


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May 3, 2016
Clarence, NY
Eleanor is now about 13 weeks old....she or he, does have that wattle but no stray feathers, on head or hackle feathers....her demeanor is quite shy compared to my other two pullets ISA browns.....actually she is the scary cat of the bunch. She's from TSC. I'd appreciate thoughts, not really allowed to keep a roo, but I heard Silkie Roos don't crow that loud...?? Hoping she's not an "Einstein"!



Sorry it won't load pics from my ipad roll?!
yes you all were right, Eleanor (Elliott now) starting crowing and it was exhausting bringing him in every morning at 6 Am so he wouldn't disturb the neighbors. However, he crowed A LOT throughout the entire day. So he just went to his new home yesterday - a cousin's farm with 20 acres and get this, she has 5 silkies! I was so emotional, but I know he'll be so happy.

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