silkie sexing on a buff?? UPDATE 10/10 its a boy!! :-(


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Well guys, As I was feeding my troops this am I heard a new crow-Mind you the bigs girls and boys were outside already and the little straglers were still meandering in the barn. I heard the little crow again-and as I turn-I see it CROW!!! I want to cry....I have the worst luck with silkies and them turning out to be boys!!! I hatched those buggers -I think in Spring-I will buy them when I know they are girls!!!

Hi guys this guy/girl's name is "chuck Norris" My DD's love to them regardless of sex. Im confused on this one. It has small wattles but has never crowed-6 months old now-the white silkie behind it is so a boy and lous as loud. I see him mating my black silkie girl and looks like he "tries" to mate this one-but never mounts-justs grabs at the head feathers. Is this a girl or boy?? Oh..and what color would you say this is? They were supposed to be buff silkie eggs and this little bugger has gray on butt feathers and darkers shades of browns in it..thanks in advance folks



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Hey Fudgie--thanks--a "bump"? are you referring to my white silkie huge comb? what color silkie is she? the parents were gorgeous buff??
you like those? My MIL feels the needs every summer to buy as many as those dang things as she can get her hands on-we share 12 acres and we have a new mower! She thinks that only spending 5$ a pop on those are helpful-but not if the motors are blown or completely trashed-so evry fall we weed through them and keep the wheels and very little more!
my guess would be female, esp. b/c your male is trying...wink, wink...

my black has started to try too. but my pullets are not even laying yet!!

that one is hard to tell, could be a girl, does it have any streamer feathers on its head?

it is a buff just not a great one, it is very hard to breed buff with no other colors in the tips of the wings and such.

I want to lean towads pullet but could be a slow developing male. Although, the fact that it is bearded and has such big wattles makes me think roo though.
Silkies can be hard to tell... but I'd say that's a hen. Small and petite looking. Not taking on a cocky roo stance. And I'd say she's a darker Buff.

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