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    can you tell me the color of the blue silkie with the gold across the body in your picture? I have a rooster that color and someone told me he isnt a true blue with the gold? I am not very knowledgeable about the different colors
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    Hi! If you are talking about my blue one it doesn't have gold that is just the flash camera making it warm. You should post a photo of you silkie as soon as you get enough posts and you can get some good feed back. Welcome to the silkie thread!
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    The different classic-colorations handling over the years in EU Silkies (now going for non classic-colorations)
    Black Blue Splash graypearl gold Silver Red Buff Cucula Paint white

    The different ways to breed them genetically are exposed here in one of my older webpages :
    (is one long page, so you have to scroll dawnwords)

    As the title says it are only the basic rules of color-genetics but are helpfull for every starter project-breeder.

    After the basics comes in each breeder feeling for inspiration and "fingerspitzengefühl" for implementation of different genes and combinations to let act and interact in Dominant, incomplete Dominant, coo-Dominant, epistatic, recessive ….. ways to become the most beautiful "creations" in his/her personal favourite race and so resulting in ALL the different phenotypes that our chicken-colorations are rich of.
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    [​IMG]Very interesting read! Thank you for sharing [​IMG]
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    I've read that site before! I had NO idea it was yours!
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    eh si, I have some more hidden sides ;-)
    This is the homepage :
    from there you can explore some more, every "word" or "*" (underligned) you can click on and will lead you to an other "hidden" page.
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    I forgot the pic....[​IMG]

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