Silkie two month old chick - with problem(s) - died R.I.P.

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  1. Suzie

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    Hi anyone here!

    I have a two month old Silkie chick that I have taken away from it's Mama today, it was lethargic earlier and was shivering despite the warm weather... it is in the dining room with me and one of it's feet is quivering...The chick is reluctant to take water nor feed - so i have darkened the area in the hope that it will rest.... I am hearing a strange " clicking" noise from the chick - i have listened to the other chicks and no such sound emits from them... any ideas anyone???? Maybe as it favouring one leg it may have been injured - it is alive and I will stay up all night to comfort the little soul if I need to... any suggestions would be of interest to "tweeps" and me!

    Thank you for reading our dilemma and any subsequent suggestions as how to keep this cute chick alive and healthy!!!!

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    Put a light on the baby, and warm it up It is cold.And then offer warm water with electrolytes after a while! Good luck.

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