Silkie with a Spraddle type Problem - HELP!

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8 Years
May 29, 2011
Yesterday when I picked up week old chicks from a chicken farm the lady selling me the chicks offered me a baby Blue Silkie with a damaged leg, if I would pay close attention to him and take good care of him. She said that he was stuck inside his shell and she had to help him out so while one leg works perfectly the other is stuck slightly out to the side and almost looks paralysed. When I looked at pictures of Spraddled chicks it looks similar but it is only on the one side. Since he is 8 days old now, is it too late to attempt the bandaid trick? Or is this another problem?

He seems more lethargic today and will barely eat or drink anything.

Very worried, he is my only silkie!
I would definitely attempt to bandaid the legs together and see if you can strengthen that leg.

I would advise you to pick up some electrolytes to add to his water which will help boost immune system and try to feed him some mashed cooked egg yolks. Hope he improves for you!
I just took another closer look and it appears that the knee-type joint is completely seized, he has no movement whatsoever except for his hip. I can't properly pull his legs together to try a bandaid.

He has electrolytes in his water, but I will try the mashed up egg yolks! Thanks so much.
yes, you can mash some of the egg yolk with a little electrolyte water and make it a paste that is easier to force feed. Careful to use small amounts and give him time to swallow before continuing. I bet he would love a bit of mashed up meal worm with water too!!!! Chicken smoothie anyone??

I would keep him calm, warm and dry. Don't stress him out to much or he may injure it or do more damage than is already done. May be looking at amputation of it becomes a hindrance or a problem, (I have heard of others doing this with success, I dont have the stomach for it but can try to find info for you)
He is now laying on his side and will barely move. He won't eat anything even if it run it along side his beak. Very worried!
I'm very sorry, but it sounds like the chick is not going to make it. Perhaps it had more wrong with it than the bad leg - a deformed leg is something they can live with & should cause lethargy. Maybe the stress was just too much for it. So sorry:(

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