Silkie with respratory infection - What should I give her

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11 Years
Jun 12, 2011
My favorite silkie is swollen around the eyes (one is swollen shut). She has been this way about a week. I thought it was an eye infection because if i pushed on the swelled area really yellow nasty smelling stuff came out. Yesterday I noticed if i pushed (and i am doing this gently) I could hear it going into her mouth. Today she is "snuffing" through her nose. Her face looks a little better though. What do I need to be giving her? I have been giving a broad spectrum antibiotic in her water but it does not seem to be curing the problem.
Thanks for any information
How long have you been giving the water soluble antibiotic? Which one? Duramycin 10 (Tetracycline) is the most common.
How much are you giving, how strong are you making it? And, is she drinking it on her own?
The feed store told me to put 1 tsp per gallon of water... but, I have seen others on her post 1 1/2 tsp per gallon.
Often feed stores are very good about advising on how much to use for how long.
For instance.. if giving Tylan 50 injections you give it in alternating breasts for three days, then three days off, then if needed re-dose for three more days. Now, I found out later that giving injections in the breast muscle can cause some breast muscle damage; which is probably only a real concern if the chickens eventually go to freezer camp and the soup pot.
I believe, not sure, that the Duramycin 10 / Tetracycline can be given for five to seven days, but, if it hasn't worked by then, you might stop and try some other antibiotic.
VetRX has some info on the insert that comes with it (it's a holistic/natural medicine) -- something about treating, using it for "eye worm".
It used to be available at my feed store, it is available on line.
There are also antibiotic Ophthalmic ointments at the feed store or from the vet. In a very small tube, inside a box, pricey.. yellow and white package and tube, like "neosporin" colors.
Look for the VetRX, it's a small bottle, that gets diluted in warm water... read the insert directions.
Best of luck.
Tylan 50 works wonders, I don't give it in the breast muscle. i do a sub q shot. it's real easy just pinch up the skin and inject right under the skin. the meds will be absorbed slowly into the body. I have a dosage chart if you want it email me and i will forward it to you. You just type in the weight of the chicken and it tells you the dosage.

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