Silkies and cold weather advice needed please!

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9 Years
Sep 29, 2010
Hello Everyone, I was wondering if you could all give me some input and help on deciding. I live in North Western Pennsylvania and we have some pretty cold and snowy winters here, I currently have cold hardy breeds and I am really interested and am wanting to get some silkies, however I am worried about the winter months and how they would do in the cold and snow. Do you give them heat in the winter and what other precautions or special care is needed, or if I just shouldn't get them? I really love them but I also don't want to be worried about them in the winter months and certainly would not want to lose any. Any advice would be great. Thank you for your time ~ Michelle


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
I live in upstate NY and my slikies do just fine in the cold and snow....this year used No heat lamp in coop and they were fine, just made sure the coop was closed up tight at night anyway. I had the door open every day and although they dont like the snow, they got fresh air. Ive had them for years and never had a prob, theyre quite hardy . We get lots of snow and wicked cold so you have nothing to worry about.


Polish Silkies d'Uccles O my!
9 Years
Mar 29, 2010
Central PA here and my Silkies are just fine. The only thing extra they are getting is heated water bases. I do have them out of the weather and on the carport, but they spend all day outside in their pens.


9 Years
Dec 7, 2010
We live in upstate NY and have Easter Eggers and silkies - both are supposed to be winter hardy. A month ago, when the weather was brutal (below freezing all day n night) - silkies were the only one that came out of their coop and stayed in the run all day - EE would roost all day inside for the warmth.

As mentioned in other posts, as long as you have water available to them all the time, they should be ok. We feed them cracked corn - for extra body warmth.

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