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  1. what would happen if i breed a non bearded white silkie roo to a beared white silke hen?
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    You would get a bird with a beard or a partial beard. The more experienced Silkie people can give you more insight.
  3. ok thats what I thought
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    Don't give up! My silkies are seperated bearded and non bearded. I have very few non bearded silkies so for the most part I have several colors of non bearded silkie hens in one pen with a bearded splash roo. Most of the chicks I have hatched from this pen are bearded just like thier dad. I have yet to bread two bearded silkies back together again from this pen because of the range of color in thier make up. Most people like bearded anyway(not sure why?).

    Non bearded silkies are just as beautiful as thier bearded cousins. It really comes down to thier crests. I have non bearded silkies that because of thier crests you might forget that they lacked a beard. (Well not the roos) Crest Crest Crest!

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    I don't remember which, but one of the two is dominant. I believe it is the bearded trait, but I could be wrong on that (or all of this for that matter).

    So what I'm saying is that if you breed bearded to non-bearded, with bearded being dominant like I think it is, most if not all of the chicks should be bearded.

    ETA: I personally like the non-beardeds better, you can see their cute little faces more [​IMG]
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  6. thanks all...i will let everyone know how those chicks come out as soon as the girls start laying again

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