Silkies... Can you tell hen or roo?


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Upstate NY
2 quick pics... Not sure if you can tell... I have 5 white silkies and have no idea who is who.


Wish I could help but one Silkie "Hen" I bought just started to crow, hoping the one I bought with HIM will be a hen. Not that I wanted little chicks but the more the merrier! Maybe someone who knows a little more can help.
Yup squishypuffs is right But hmm for 10 to 12 weeks its still hard to tell silkies are just so hard to sex but my gut gut feeling it looks like a little girl but remember silkies are very hard to sex I breed them and its still just so hard to tell.
Looks like a girl but it might be too young to tell.
The roos get blue earlobes, a large comb and wattles. If it is a roo, it should start getting them soon.
Mine also started getting different neck feathers too, kind of like hackle feathers.

This is him at around 15 weeks
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