Silkies Wanted! AZ or for shipping

If I were you, i would talk to Suze Scott (sonoransilkies on here) She has the prettiest birds in the state, but only sells juveniles or adults. I know from experience how hard it to find good ones here in AZ, but *maybe* you can luck out on craigslist.
I have a buff breeding pair that I was getting ready to post for auction.

These are pictures of some from that pen that I just sold. I can get pictures of the ones left if you are interested. They look pretty much like these though.




PM me if you are interested. The last two pairs sold went for $70 plus shipping.
Gotcha! I'll keep my ears open for you. We have a ton of silkie folks here in middle TN. Surely someone will have a round of partridge chicks.

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