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    Mar 22, 2009
    Silkys are funny with there breading habits. I don’t often take eggs out of my chicken coop because eggs make my stomach hurt so there are about two or three dozen eggs in the coop. Normally my silkys brood in one of the corners of the coop but fore sum reason one of my hens went broody and wanted more chicks than any other hen had hade in history so she moved all the eggs out of the corners and into the center of the coop. There are so many under her you can hardly feel her sides but she is remarkably able to conceal them all. [​IMG]I’m going to take some eggs out, but I don’t know if I should even let her brood because I have 27 chicks from a hatchery and 7 ducklings which will make for a vary cramped coop. I just thought it was cut where she put her nest and how many eggs she wants to brood.

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    oh well...the more the merrier. ha ha.

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