Silver blue wheaten Marans eggs

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    I am making silver blue wheaten Marans. The nicest silver blue wheaten pullet has been laying a good dark egg (a nicer colour than the other two slver blue wheatens).
    Within the last couple of days this pullet has started laying her eggs with that chalky whitish deposit which, if moistened, shows the usual colour of the egg but still dries chalky.

    Previously I just wouldn't have used any eggs like this, but as she is the nicest pullet with the best eggs in the project I don't know what to do.
    How does this affect the eggs? Is it a hereditary trait? Are such eggs even hatchable?
  2. Orpington Poultry

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    Feb 27, 2009
    I have heard it is hereditary, Unfortunately I have nothing to base it on but hearsay.
    I do know they hatch out fine.
    I would give it a try especially since she is so nice.

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    Ok, Krys! We must have pics! Inquiring minds want to know [​IMG]
    I am sure she id beautiful! What a neat project [​IMG]
  4. Krys109uk

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    Thanks, Orpington Poultry. Maybe I'll hatch some but I hate using anything faulty. I suppose, as I'm wing tagging & tracking ancestry, if they start cropping up I'll just cull them. If I could get the egg colour away from the chalkiness.......

    I ought to get my daughters camera cable sorted.....other than that I think my laptop will take pictures. LOL. Not very handy for when they're rushing around outside.

    Silver blue wheaten, well that's what I call it for want of a better name is just a wheaten pullet with silver hackle with black flecks, whitish underneath, wheaten rest of body, blue tail. The male (I haven't got one with only the desirable genes) I hope will look like a wheaten male with blue in place of black & (hopefully) silver hackles, not sure what will happen over the shoulders; I suspect it will be yellowish?

    I only have three pullets with the right colours & the other two are less nice in general [​IMG]

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