Silver Duckwing Phoenix


8 Years
Aug 27, 2013
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My Coop

I have a Silver Duckwing Phoenix rooster that I'm looking to give to someone who would want him. He came as the rare exotic from McMurray in my order this summer. I'll try to attach pictures.

Thank you

Being a chicken newbie and that he was the "free rare exotic" I got from McMurray this year I don't know exactly what he is. My daughter and I have both deducted that is his most likely breed. He is 13 weeks old and is a bantam. His small size gets him pushed around by the larger birds but he seems to be content. He is out of place in my flock and I would love to have him go to a good home. So I decided to do this before putting him down. :(

Granny, in which state are you?

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