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    I currently have Silver Grey Dorking eggs available.

    Dorkings are thought to be one of the oldest extant breeds of domestic poultry. Columella wrote about birds that fit the modern description of Dorkings very closely, when Roman armies invaded Britain. They are a great dual-purpose, utilitarian breed that is completely sustainable once a flock is established.

    Dorkings have 5 toes, white skin, and very fine textured meat. They have stubby little clean legs, keeping them short despite their large, brick-shaped bodies. The Silver Grey Dorking is the only variety with a flat, single comb - other varieties have rose combs.

    Silver Grey Dorkings are good mothers, lay 4 to 5 round white eggs per week, and mature to about 7 lbs in around 6 months. They do not eat voraciously, so do not grow rapidly, but the extremely high quality of meat produced is worth the wait. They are beautiful, traditional-looking farm fowl, and are very good foragers that keep feed bills low.

    Silver Grey Dorkings can be sexed at hatch. Pullets have a dark "V" on their heads, along with their duckwing (chipmunk) color pattern, and cocks have a lighter head, sometimes with a faint light "V" barely visible. Side by side, it is very easy to differentiate boys and girls, the day after hatch.

    The single most fantastic quality of Silver Grey Dorkings is their phenomenally user-friendly personalities. I have never kept such calm, intelligent, friendly birds. They are extremely docile. Our young rooster happily sits next to us in the garden, on his own chair, and talks to us much like a parrot. I have never heard such unique, happy noises from any other breed of poultry. He has never once offered harm to any human, but is a very watchful flock protector, quickly sounding the alarm and ushering his girls to safety if he spots a threat. Our young pullet as absolutely gorgeous and very sweet as well.

    Silver grey Dorkings are at the top of my list for anyone wishing to start a small backyard flock, regardless of poultry care experience. They seem very hardy and will quickly win over anyone with an "Eww, chickens are ugly, gross and dangerous" mentality, which unfortunately, is common in these Times of Tyson. They will provide a family with completely sustainable meat, eggs, and entertainment, indefinitely.

    Our pair is young and very healthy. They are on 18% NatureWise All Flock, and their water is supplemented with Red Cell, daily.

    I am setting their eggs myself, but only have a single small incubator going at any given time, so I have a couple weeks out of each month during which I can collect eggs for others.

    Since I only have the pair, I am currently selling eggs by the "each." Each egg is $3, or I can send you 6 for $15.
    Shipping is $15 to just about anywhere. No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii...that just doesn't work out well for anyone.

    I can ship about 6 eggs per week right now, tops, before hatchability will be affected by the age of eggs. I will happily include any extras I have on hand when your order is shipped. I always date hatching eggs the day they are collected, and turn them daily, after candling for cracks. Eggs are never washed.

    No, I don't ship chicks. I may later on, but not right now.

    I can ship as few or as many eggs as you'd like. I only have the single hen right now, but get an egg almost every day. You are welcome to order 1 egg if you want to, but shipping is $15 to anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

    I am getting good fertility right now, though not absolutely perfect. Our roo is still young, and his aim isn't quite spot-on sometimes. I recently put him in an exclusive love nest with his Dorking lady, so with no other options for him, fertility should be excellent for any future orders collected.

    I don't have pics of my shipping yet, but I pack in a double-layered box with packing peanuts or newspaper shreds in between, and lots of peanuts for the eggs to swim in, after they are each wrapped in bubble wrap. I do NOT label the box "EGGS." I label it "EXTREMELY FRAGILE- PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE." I do my best to protect the eggs from extreme temperatures (since this can quickly affect viability) with lots of insulation.

    I DO have a WAITING LIST for the birds' eggs. I cannot put you on the OFFICIAL calendar for shipment until I receive your payment. This policy keeps me from holding onto eggs for people who aren't serious about them and letting serious buyers miss out because of it. PM me for the PayPal address. As soon as I receive your payment, yours will be the next order collected. I can put you down for shipment on any date you'd like, as long as that spot isn't already taken. I am currently collecting for paid orders until the 1st of April, but all dates after that are open.

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