Silver Penciled Genetics? Questions. :D


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Jan 30, 2010
Following quote taken and merged from the Silkie Color Genetics thread:

So basically silver pencilled? They do look interesting.

Yes, silver pencilled is another name for it. One more place where the name of the variety is different, but the phenotype is the same

I haven't been able to read much on Poultry genetics yet, because reading the computer screen makes my eyes majorly sore and I lost my glasses.
And most libraries around here don't carry the books on chickens. At all. Which is super weird because this is right next to Farmville, USA.
So far most of my knowledge is from Kippen Jungle's basic genetics page.

Anyway! Question question question! From what I understand, this genotype combination will always breed true? But what is 'S'? I found e^b(Partridge/Brown) and Pg (Penciled/Laced), but I can't find S.

Also, are chicken phenotypes arranged in any special order? In my Biotech class (High School, current class) we just put it in any order we deemed fit. But in chickens, it is like.. Base Color, Whatever S is for, Patterns, and so on? Or just however felt like at the moment?

Aaannndd, last and most silly question, are Silver Penciled just white versions of Partridges?
I thought that, but didn't want to seem ignorant in thinking it, so hoping for either a confirmation or correction.

Thank you everyone for your time!

P.S. - Probably just Grammar Nazi-ism, but does 'thank you everyone' seem a little odd sounding?
But at the same time, just plain 'thank you' would be just as odd, since it's towards more than one person... Okayokay, I'll stop over analyzing things now.
Y'all is plural, so you could informally say, "Thanks, y'all!"

S is for silver; its alternate allele is gold (s+). Yes, silver penciled is a greyscale version of partridce.
Yes Silver Pencilled is the Silver version of Partridge (a gold pencilled)
S = Silver, s+ = gold.

The genotype of a Silver Duckwing is S/S e+/e+ and is read from L to R

Your e^b e^b, SS, PgPg should be written Pg/Pg S/S eb/eb, genetically a Patterned Silver Brown
or hobby name Silver Pencilled.
Have a look at & click on the book. If you can't afford one ask your school library to buy it.
Yay! Thank you both.
at not figuring out S = Silver!

Thank you for the book recommendation! I'll check into it.
(Pun not intended)

EDIT// Forgot about the y'all portion when saw the allele name.
I guess y'all would fit, and I'd say 'but I don't want to sound like a southern.' Then I remembered thats where I grew up.
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There are no rules how to order the genes.
A lot of us start with the e-locus, being very important.
I list the sexlinked genes at the end. By coincedence the chicken calculator peforms better that way too...

e-locus E
pattern-genes Co Db Pg (Ml)
melanizers Ml cha
gold/red-diluters/enhancers Di Mh ig
black-diluters Bl I lav
white (spotting) c mo
sexlinked genes choc B S

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