Silvopasture/Forest Farm Emu


Mar 25, 2016
Southwest Virginia

I'm buying an adjoining 7 acres tomorrow morning and have been considering adding a pair of emus for a while. The land is forested, but not heavily, and will be thinned down eventually. Just wondering how emu fare in a forest environment. No real exposure to them outside of tourist attractions and not something I'm considering adding immediately as I'd want more information on them prior to bringing them in. Really just looking into using the land I guess. Property is fenced but I'd replace any that didn't measure up to emu containment. I don't know that I'd give them free reign over the entirety of the 7 acres - maybe half of that give or take... Hoping they won't Wil E Coyote face plant into trees and such.

Anyway, just a feeler really to decide if they'd even stand a chance in this setting before I move ahead with the considerations. Thanks..

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