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    I see alot of worrying in chat over being banned..

    As the person voted mostly likely to be kicked for making a P-Word joke(if you do not know what the P-Word is read the rules) -- It is against the Forum Rules to talk about certain things --Not because anyone individual says so but because people get mad and the community gets into riot gear oh no that is the other board - You are however aloud to say I ate cat at a potluck --at least until I post this- my point is read the forum rules and then follow them - I am amazed at how many people post that have never checked the rules that they agreed to follow prior to signing up- baiting or flamming is also against the rules ---
    that is for the same reason so if you have a personal issue with someone it should never come into chat or public-- treat each nice and read the rules!

    if my jokes or anyone elses aren't funny to you no response required !
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    Always a GREAT reminder to read the rules. They are in the signup, welcome email, and prominent on every page of the forum (top main menu).

    They have been refined by a staff with a combined experience of over 30 years of forum moderation experience and are based on about 5 years of working closely with a VERY specific group of people... the BYC community.

    They are in place to make this forum a safe, fun, and educational place for as many people (of ALL ages) as possible.

    Nobody needs to worry about being banned unless they blatantly violate rules of the forum. And in almost all cases the BYC staff give warnings and in EVERY case they deal with people directly (via email and PM) if there are any questions or concerns.

    The BYC Staff LOVE this community and donate hundreds of combined hours each week to keep this place fun and safe for EVERYONE. Each one of the staff members started out on this forum just like everyone else... as a person who wanted to find a community to learn and grow with.

    Bottom line, the rules are in place to help everyone, not to restrict them.
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    May 14, 2007
    I have found that most posts gone bad is when people post threads that ask about their personal thoughts. Like Smart ID's, eat or not to eat meat.And then there is always [email protected]!# dog of this breed killed my chickens, I think this breed needs to disapear. And then there are the political threads, and economy threads. BUt especially the dog and political threads always end up getting closed.I can't count how many times there has been a [email protected]%# dog thread that has been close do to the fact the a very mad person has lost a chicken because Fido was let loose to go us their favorite bird as a chew toy. And any time their is a breed that is mentioned there is always someone with that breed dog at home who gets offended to hear that they have a bad chicken killing dog. I think the worst one of these was when a pitbull got after a guys pig. And that thread went from trying to help a hurt pig into a huge flaming fight over wether or not pitbulls should be legal or not. However for the most part everyone here doesnt stay to heated over a subject, they have a little tiff and then that same day they are puting up friendlt posts in each others threads. I dont go into chat rooms that often so I dont know what happend there but I am sure it will blow over before this time next week.
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    Not to question the mods, because I know there is a lot of traffic through here, and of course they can't be everywhere all the time, and all at once...but I have been seeing a lot of threads lately that are posted by the younger crowd here, and mostly they seem to be targeted to gather people's opinions, for what purpose, I don't know. They mostly are topics that are controversial and elicit strong feelings, and of course, angry words start flying when people are told that their opinions are wrong. I'm not saying that no one has the right to ask such questions, but is this forum really the place for some of them that have been brought up, regardles if they are posted in the correct topic? Personally, I don't think they realize that they are "stirring the pot" purposely, but then again, maybe so.

    Another annoying thing I've seen is the duplicate posting of jokes. There have been a few jokes posted that another member may have posted a few weeks before. It hasn't happened a lot, but often enough that if anyone who's really read the threads and knows what was posted would not do so again. Personally--I'm just stating an opinion here--I would like to see a topic devoted strictly to jokes, so they wouldn't muddle up the main topic. There has been a lot of them posted lately, and I find it annoying sorting through those and conversation. (Geez, I seem annoyed by a lot lately. [​IMG] Sorry.) I would think this would make it easier for the mods to determine what may be offensive material, provided that people posted under the correct topic. Maybe ask that they be put only in the Games section?
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