Singe and the motel


9 Years
Jun 4, 2011

Mom, this bed is awesome!!

Can I start sleeping on the bed at home?

Turn the light out, I'm trying to go to sleep

2 first place finishes and his Rally Advanced title. That means he finished all 3 legs with 1st place ribbons - 98, 92, and 95.

I'll post a link to the video when I get it. Hoping that it came out good
A great big CONGRADULATIONS to you and Singe. I like that you waited for him to grow up some before showing him. I'm sure it upset some others that push and show young ones. I know I waited until they were ready back when I showed. Never wasted my money or burned out a youngster that way. I am sure you and Singe will go far.

Keep us updated...


Ride the Glide.....Got Gait.....I Do......
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he actually entered his first Rally trial at 6 months old. We were only looking on it as an opportunity for him to get used to the sounds and excitement of being in the ring though.

We go to have fun. I hate seeing those dogs that are so over-worked on the same pattern that they don't even think for themselves any more. We might get lower scores than some others because he can get a bit goofy but I love to see him having fun.
As you can tell, he hates every second of it rofl

he has great focus

send over jump

he has to be sure that I get his good side! lol
I remember you talking about him, just to let him see and walk about. Looks like he is getting his focus down pretty good. What are your plans for him?:thumbup:


Ride the Glide......Got Gait......I Do......
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after we finish our Rally Excellent we are going to start working on Open Obedience. I'm also considering putting him into a therapy dog certification in the spring.
We've also been training for agility so hopefully will be able to hit some trials for that too.

In December, I take him to get his OFA hips and elbows. His breeder is very interested in the possibility of using him for stud so we are just taking it one day at a time and having fun.
Congratulations! Blue is definitely his color
He's beautiful, I always love seeing pictures of him. And I'm glad to see someone having fun with rally! I can see how much Singe "hates" it. I miss the rally ring, maybe someday Tatsu and I will get back to it. Although by then I think he'll be old enough for the veteran's class. What's the goofiest thing Singe has done in the ring? I remember one of the last trials we did, Tatsu did an air hump. We were supposed to be doing a come front, and he just stood there with this puzzled look on his face like, "Mom, I don't know what's going on, honestly!" Poor boy! Later that trial, he also escaped from his crate and came looking for me, he was headed for the ring when someone grabbed his collar. Whenever I hear "loose dog" at a trial, I have to assume that it's my boy looking for mom.
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oh Singe has that beat by a mile!

our first time out, we tried to do all 3 days. Qualified the first 2 times, the 3rd time we were doing great until halfway through the course. Then Mr. Singe decided that he had had enough. He got this evil glint in his eye and grabbed the leash. I said "ah" and kept going. He grabbed it again and this time gave a big yank. Next thing I know, he's laying on his back, growling, and rolling like an alligator. I said "heel" and he jumped up and walked nicely for a couple steps and then hit the leash again for a full-out game of tug. Growling and swinging his body around like a big goof. Needless to say, we didn't qualify that day.

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