Sinus or ear infection and kinda waddles a bit. Can someone please help

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    I have seached the forum and have a couple questions unanswered. I hope someone has time to reply.
    I have two hens that seem to have a sinus infection, no oozing or smell, just swoolen below the eye in waddle area. Noticed today that one hen is starting to swell more. One hen walks funny not a limp but not a good stride, not really sure if its related. Nothing wrong with her feet or legs that I can see. I am thinking ear infection could mess up her balance and make her walk funny. They have been with the other chickens all along and no one has the problem. Odly it is biological mother and daughter .(My brama hen sat the Sumatra eggs) One hen seems quite unaffected by it all the other is mildly affected. When the bio mom hen first had this i really just figured she was pecked in the face because she seemed fine otherwise. Then a while ago the young hen developed this swagger, I thought she probably injured herself or someone else got her since she is low hen. But now she has some facial swelling. I have 7 chickens everyone else is fine. It has been long enough that someone else in the coop would have gotten it if it was contagious. So this adds to the weirdness of it.

    Anyway I have been trying to find out what antibiotic to use, I have Duramycin but am thinking that tylan soluble is better after reading here.
    I have to do something but i will have to order the tylan soluble because TSC here does not have soluble and I am not up to the injection deal. Really dont want to pay for overnight in addition to the high price of tylan.
    I read that giving tylan 50 orally can damage the mouth.
    Should I start them on Duramycin and then change over to tylan when it arrives? Does duramycin get old. I have had it a while. I know there is different withdrawl time too,
    I think I will treat the whole coop since they are all together as a precaution.
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    Have you checked for mites/lice? Sometimes they can cause facial swelling around eyes etc. also can cause them to get wobbly due to vitamin deficiency. Just a thought since you can't figure it out... I have seen them go after one chicken to the point illness and leave the rest of the flock alone.
    Anyway duramycin will not do any harm and in my experience it was fine when switching to another antibiotic. I would give vitamins also.

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