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Nov 2, 2012
Hello. I'm a beginner to my chicks. I've got some problems. My chicks sits too much and they have a bruise around their eye. Can anyone give me a solution?
What do you mean by sit too much? Baby's just sleep, eat and poop a lot for the first week. Bruising? Are their eyes injured? They peck at everything at first including at each others eyes.
If the chicks are cold they normally are very loud and let you know they are not happy and are in distress. They will pile on top of each other and can smother the bottom ones. Tired acting after the first couple days may mean they are not eatting and/or drinking and are not thriving - they need help ASAP

How old are your chicks that "sit too much"? Can you post some pictures of you chicks?
What are you feeding them? Bruising around the eye could be trauma, nutritional, or genetic issues.
Does that mean good or bad?
I feed peanuts and sometimes flies.
I gave some dogfood last week, and I new that its not a good food.
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