Situation of my 6-day old chicks. Advice is appreciated.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by calebc311, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Dec 31, 2013
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    I got my buff orp and BPR from the local feed. They've been in a brooder with plenty of water and chick starter, a heat lamp, and pine shavings. I've also used some organic food grade DE.
    Ever since I got them they've been very chirpy, sometimes becoming flighty as if they're panicking. Their poo is also watery. I've heard that this is not normal. Our BPR has a bald spot on its back. I've also noticed that they nibble at the pine shavings and the cardboard. Is there any problem or am I just overreacting?
    Thank you.

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    You can skip the DE in the feed, it has no beneficial properties once it gets wet and it can irritate their lungs if inhaled. The babies are fine on non-dusty shavings, that's what I use.
    They can chirp a lot if they are uncomfortable temp-wise, make sure they aren't huddled under the lamp (too cold) or laying as far as they can get from it and panting (too hot).
    I add electrolytes to the water for the first few days. If they are brand new babies, travel is a lot of stress on them so that *may* be a cause of runny poop.

    Honestly, it sounds like you are doing fine. I would only be concerned if you notice any lethargic ones. They should nap a lot, but when they are up they should be active and alert.
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    Put a thermometer on the floor of brooder under the lamp and see what the temp is...should be 90 to 80.
    Them put the thermometer on the floor farthest away from lamp and see what the temp is...should be about 70.

    They need to be able to get away from the heat if they need to.
    I know a lot of folks say they don't need a thermometer, just watch the chicks, but they are usually experienced helped me as a newbie to use the thermometer.
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    Giod post , Aart.

    I didn't even think of suggesting a thermometer :oops:

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    Caleb, are they eating and drinking well? Check their bums to be sure that they don't have poo staying stuck. If it gets stuck in their down, they won't be able to poop, and it could kill them. The BPR bald spot... is that new? How old are they? Is the other chick picking on the BPR?

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