Skinny neck like a tiny thin cord. reddish small eyes very thirsty.

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  1. vangela

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    Oct 14, 2009
    i am afraid that my little sick girl is mostlikely not going to make it. She has enough appetite and drinks a lot but is so skinny under her feathers. and very very sick.idunno:idunno[
    I read about electrolites but do not know ratio, brand name how much to give her.
    I found a life stock vet altough he did not see her, going by my story, he suspected coccioditis. so she is treated with sulphur drops in to her water.

    Earlier this week I spotted a blood stain on a luke warm path I had put under her to warm her up a little .
    it was of watery discharge. Later her poo colored yellow and now looks more normal.
    she still cannot hold walk but holds herself up and in balance.
    it is awfull to watch but she does not want to seem to give up.
    the others do not show any symtoms, knock on wood, however, I lost one yesterday within 6 hours. one feels so helpless and I am so greatful for any good advise. She needs to strenghten again to make a change.
    Thank you all chicken lovers. They are my babies and all so far have always died on my lap or in my arms. It breaks my heart. Thank goodness you understand. :
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    try to get some Corid and put it in their drinking water; also for your weakest girl that may be dehydrated, try to get some Pedialyte down her by dipping your finger or a syringe in the liquid and putting it on the side of her beak if she's too weak to drink on her own. I hope she makes it. Coccidiosis has been really bad this year; I've lost some of mine to it, too. [​IMG]
  3. vangela

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    Oct 14, 2009
    thank you so much for your quick reply it is 10 pm and do not know how to get pedialite or Corid. where do i get this.
    I find out and thanks anyway. I will keep you posted.
    I hope she makes it. and sorry that you had to go through this. what is the excact cause do you know?
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    Mar 31, 2009
    SouthEast Texas
    Coccidiosis is a microbe found in the soil. Your chickens should develop resistance to it as they get older.

    With your one very weak chicken, i think i would be suspicious of lice or mites making her weak. Coccidiosis usually doesn't have time to make them skinny.

    Corid can usually be found at your local feed store. The liquid version should read that it contains Amprolium 9.6%. But if you are already using a Sulphur-based product, i don't think you should mix the two. Use the Sulphur product for the recommended time period and then if they're not over the coccidiosis, give them a round of Corid.

    Pedialite is a product for children and can be found at the grocery store.

    While you're at the grocery store, get some plain (not flavored) yogurt, and feed some of that to your chickens. You might need to mix a little with some of their crumbles to get them to eat it. The yogurt will help their tummies to build up the right kind of bacteria and get healthy so they can resist the cocci microbes.

    How old are your chickens?

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