Slight smell?


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
When I opened the incubator, the normal musty smell wasn't there, it was slightly sour. But very very very slight. Is this normal, or should I look specifically for bacteria infested eggs during tonight's candling?
A slight musty smell is normal. If there was a bad egg, it would be more of a rotten smell. Definitely look for anything amiss when you candle.
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They're still musty, just a slighter bad smell when I opened it this morning. Not a smell of rotting, just... not normal. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose and its a normal.

I will be super checkful during candling, but I'm not sure what to look for on day 15 candling for bad eggs. :x
A large amount of a black or green mass, anything that looks abnormal from the others. You can also try sniffing the tops of each of the eggs as you bring them out to candle. I've done done that before and found the one that had gone bad without even having to candle for it.
Awesome! Thank you.
Sniff each egg individually till you find the culprit. Another thing I noticed was that the shell of the rotting egg started to look mottled. Get them out before they explode.
How long does it usually take to explode? O_O I want to wait til tonight to make any decisions since the smell isnt very strong, though a on and the surrounding ones smelled slightly different. But I can't candle til it gets dark tonight. :x
Awwwww man, I just turned them again and BOTH of my SLW smell, one more than the other.
It's not overpowering, but still can smell ucky.

Does this mean the chick inside is dead and now I have to toss them?
Wow, nice timing.

I just remembered my wash room has no windows, so I only brought my SLW eggs in to candle them. One I heard movement in, and the other, I don't think so. But I didn't as much time on the one I'm unsure about because the moving one distracted me...
I'm candling all eggs again in a few hours, when it gets darker out.

But, are eggs on day 15, isn't the entire egg except the air sac supposed to be black? Both were only completely dark if I turned them on a certain side, other than that light still got through on a good 25-33% of the egg. Or is that normal?

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