Slightly disturbing...

Prettiest Frog

Cooped Up
10 Years
Dec 21, 2009
Probrably not a joke. Notice the Asian (I'm not sure what language exactly) writting? Seems about right for that part of the world.
I've actually seen that before in our local grocery stores. They take egg yolks and egg whites and separate them. Then they form them into a roll like that. Interesting, but I'm not brave enough to try it!
I'm pretty sure our Souper Salad restaurants use the fake egg roll. When you see the round pieces so perfect like that, well you know the chicken didn't do it. Most of the iced tea anymore is from a concentrate. How hard is it to make real iced tea??? I can tell the difference every time. I'm an iced tea connysewer

why fake egg? I'm getting quite worried about our future food, soon they will be able to make it all in labs.

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