Slipped tendon treatment for 2 week old silkie


Jan 5, 2019
I noticed one of my then 9 day old silkies holding one of her legs up Sunday night. The hock joint was swollen and flat, she wouldn’t put weight on that leg, and I could feel the tendon had slipped to the outside of the leg. I could move it into place by straightening it out, but it would immediately slip to the side again.

I found a vet willing to see chicks on Monday morning and took her in. He confirmed the diagnosis, said she could have surgery for $1000 (!), or he could give her a shot of anti-inflammatory meds and basically hope for the best. I asked for the shot, and asked him to show me how best to splint and immobilize the leg, which I did when I got home. Then I made her a chick chair using a Kleenex box and an old winter hat.

I have been changing her splint every 24 hours to check progress. To my great surprise, the swelling was basically gone and the tendon seemed to be back in place after just one day, but I left the splint on until this morning (about 3.5 days in the splint and in the chair).

For the last half hour, after she decided to launch herself out of the chair, I’ve been letting her walk around a bit in an isolated box. She doesn’t have full range of motion, but she is walking, and the tendon is still in the right place.

Looking for advice now about next steps. 3.5 days doesn’t seem like enough time to be confident that tendon is secure. Should I put the splint back on at intervals to let her rest and assure the tendon doesn’t slip again? The downsides obviously being potential muscle atrophy, etc. Just looking for advice now, especially if you’ve been through this. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get this far, after reading so many tough stories about slipped tendon.

Thank you!
Good to know that your chick has improved with treatment. Pictures can always be helpful. There are not a lot of success stories with slipped tendons. I would also use some human BComplex vitamins (not B12) 1/4 tablet daily to give her more help. Brand does not matter.
I don’t have a picture of of the splint, but the splinting was very rudimentary. I stretched the leg straight and back just enough to be sure the tendon was in position, then secured it with cotton gauze under sports wrap tape (the white Johnson and Johnson kind from the drug store). I left her foot/toes out, but the splint covered her whole leg. They can’t really move like this, because the leg drags behind them, so the chair was necessary for sure.

The vet said the ideal would be to splint it at a “standing angle,” but that this was so tricky to get right he didn’t even want to try it, so I just went with straight.
I have been using B complex too, should have mentioned that. I’ve been using the liquid kind though, do you think the tablets would be better?

I also have Poultry Cell and Nutridrench and she’s had a little of each of those also.

Here she is in her chick chair. Not much to see, except that she’s cute 5034B751-88F6-4AB0-9DDD-EA97F3469D09.jpeg . I’ll try to get a picture of the leg right now.
Awesome job there Emilia even without the visual you did a great job explaining it and this will be such a good resource for others , It is really appreciated you sharing it, Thank you

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