Slipped tendon?

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    May 14, 2019
    Is it too late to help my almost 6 week old baby? I think she or he might have a slipped tendon. He was walking funny but now he mostly just plops down and rests all day ): stretches his legs out backwards like they normally would do and I felt and hurt a tendon pop back in on one side but his legs still are very awkward. The joints are very swollen and his feet look crooked and he always stands on his own feet. Please help!

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    I think there is still hope. Not sure if it is a slipped tendon but here are some good links on leg problems and slipped tendon treatment here on BYC:’s-story.69353/

    Please post if you think the slipped tendon description fits and if not will see if there is something else it could be and what could be done to help. Good luck!
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