Slow start to 2011 breeding season???

Cottage Rose

12 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Mid west Michigan
What the heck?
So is there another goofy breeding season upon us?
What's going on with everybody else living in the cold regions?
My geese typically start breeding and laying mid Feb.
and by now are in full swing.

So far....

Pen 1 - 2 yr. old gander.
Few and feeble attempts at breeding.
First egg today, most likely infertile.

Pen 2 - mature trio,
a little breeding and no eggs.

Pen 3 - 2010 pair.
4 eggs, no breeding

Pen 4 - Mature trio,
a little breeding , no eggs.

Pen 5 - 2010 pair
No breeding, no eggs,
female more interested in gander in adjoining pen.

Pen 6 - 2 yr. old pair
No breeding, no eggs
117 eggs in the bator. I have seen some hanky panky going on but who knows if they will be fertile. we are getting about 14 new eggs each day. Strange that they laid their first egg exactly to the same day as they laid their first egg last year. Dorothy
So far we have gotten 6 eggs in about ten days from my female from you, Vicki. The holderread pair hasn't laid yet, but in both pens their has been a lot of breeding. That is weird how your a little more south and you are not having as much success.
We have put all six eggs in the incubator, so here is for a much better breeding season!
I have 4 breeding pairs this year and we just had the 3rd pen start laying and breeding on a regular basis......still waiting on #4. We even have fertile call duck eggs in the bator.

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