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8 Years
Dec 23, 2011
Graham/Kapowsin, WA
I was wondering if this is a good alternative to a styrofoam incubator. It is the ReptiPro 5000. Says it is good for chicken eggs and all other kinds of eggs. With free shipping it's not a bad deal. I'm not finding the Hovabators in the $110 price range. More like this price once the turner is included.

Whaddya think:

I have heard nothing but good things about these bators, the thing folks like best is the humidity levels once set stay rock solid as does the temps, and this is allways the downfall with the toy styrobators. i think it's a great deal, think about how much better your hatch rates will be and that is cost effective even when dealing with iffy shipped eggs.
Awesome!! So then I'd just want and auto turner? AND EGGS!!!
Get it!!!!!

I got one for Christmas after a ton of research & I am hands down in love! I had Little Giants before (styrofoam) & they were ok but some hatches were great, some terrible! I didn't get the turners because I just like to do it myself & I think I can get more eggs in there without them, but that's just me. There's only 2 things I'll tell you about it that isn't bad but kind of a thing that's good to know. First, the temps do vary a few degrees from too shelf to bottom, but it's not a big deal since the incubator holds temps extremely well so a quick way to not worry about it is to just rotate the eggs from top to bottom every other day. Second, the first time I hatched in it (moved my eggs from my LG to it for their lockdown) I left the bantam eggs on the top shelf & when one hatched it fell through the shelf holes & drowned in the water tray, really my error. A way to fix that is either cover the holes or instead of filling the water trays with water, put the water in containers with lids that have small holes.

I leave mine set on 103 & my top shelf stays a steady 101 then on the very bottom the lowest I've seen it is 99. Some people claim theirs had as much as an 8 degree variation but mine certainly doesn't. Al6157 is right, the humidity is incredibly low maintenance & easy to set, I dry hatch the first 18 days then on lockdown it's a steady 65% with the water tray filled up.

I will never use another or need another incubator than this one, I could even use it to hatch an emu egg if I wanted to. The cheapest place I found was on eBay from the user Reptipro. He sells them the cheapest & with free shipping. After getting the Reptipro 5000 for $159, I couldn't imagine spending that or even more on a Hovabator! I hope you get one (=
I just noticed you already found them on eBay lol & before Christmas he had them for $159 instead of $169 so maybe if you message him about it he may give it to you for the cheaper price, he's really nice.

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