Small chick, Not doing well!!!


10 Years
Jan 4, 2010
Texarkana, TX
I hatched 6 RIR for my DM in-law. 1 of the 6 is much smaller than the others. until yesterday he was doing great. acting and as active as the rest. They are 1 week old. Yesterday I noticed him sleeping standing up. Head drooping. He is breathing really heavy, compared to the others. they all just run around him and not over him, thank God! They seem to understand he doesn't feel well. I thought they always picked on the weakl and sick? But they are very sweet with him. When I checked last night they would snuggle up to him but not ontop of him. like they are trying to keep him warm. I gave him some Poli-visol. and dipped him beek in water. to make sure he was drinking. His tummy feels full but not hard. Other than the sleepyness and breathing he seems fine. What else can I do? I am so worried about him. He has been about half the size of the others since he hatched. Until yesterday he was great! Just a lil small. No weezing in breathing, No snot or bubbles, No hard crop. no sticky butt, Nothing except the breathing and sleep. The temp is good. fresh water changed daily. fresh food. they are on pine shavings. Could he have been eating the pine? But his tummy is not hard just feels full like all the rest. I have not seen him eat or drink since I saw the change! I dip his beak every now and then to help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks and God Bless!
Have you tried feeding him a little hardboiled egg? Or try making a slurry with plain yogurt and a little food to get him going, the egg and slurry helped perk up a little girl I had that was struggling. Good luck!
I get off in 30min. I will try as soon as I get home. Thanx! I appreciate it! I am just so worried. He was doing so good. I am rooting for the lil runt!

God Bless!
Sorry! I should have updated sooner. By the time I got home he was gone.
poor lil guy! I still have no idea what happend. all the others are great! Running, eating, Pooing, and trying to fly! LIL stinkers keep getting ontop of the waterer and flying towards the pen wall. I guess its time for a top cover! Thanks for the help! I wish I knew what happend. He was so small and cute. He really was the runt. only half as big as the others but so full of energy! Then Wham!!!! sick 1 day and gone the next. I guess I kinda expected it. But when he kept going and made it a whole week I figured he'd be ok. I guess Not. Thanks again!

God Bless!
Awwww, sorry about your little one! Sometimes they just fail to thrive, no way of knowing what happened to them. Glad to hear your other babies are doing well! Post pictures!!
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