Small open coop is done

Very nice. It doesnt have a door to close them in safely at night. How do you plan to protect them from dogs, cats and worse at night?

I think you should just add a door across the front with a latch.
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I live in the city and there and not any lose dogs anywhere and the only cat Ive seen in the 5 years of living here is afraid of my dog and too afraid to come into the yard. she keeps watch of the yard.The yard is fully fenced.
I think it looks very nice!
Nice coop but id still be worried about the preditors, possums/racoons are city dwellors. I'd hate to see you go through loosing them but good luck, I like it.
yea I can see the concern and it is true but there are no predators like that here and they have been like that for 2 years. They are my babies and I wouldnt put them in harm buy making it that way if I knew they could be harmed.
Your seramas are awesome, awesomely tiny. How old are they? or I should ask, how old are they in the pictures? I thought my seramas were A's or B's, but am wondering now, lol.

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