small shell less eggs with mass of blood inside?


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Aug 16, 2013
Hi all,

Have 3 girls that have been laying pretty well. one pure RIR and two RIR/RIW cross. one or two days a week there are only two eggs. I also have 4 pullets, buff orpingtons that were 2.5-3 months old when I got them about two weeks ago. This morning I found a small shell less egg in the nest box. Inside the egg membrane was a mass of thick blood and something that looked like a snake skin shedding. That is the best way I can describe it. There are no roosters that have access to the girls if that matters.

I guess I am trying to figure out if that is one of my pullets starting to lay? They would be 14-15 weeks old at the most. There is free oyster shells available. I have been feeding grower/finisher food as I have read the calcium in layer food is too much for the little girls.

Could my pullet be laying? Or is there something I need to watch for in one of the big girls? Just a glitch that I don't need to worry about? I guess the fact that is was a blood sack inside makes me think it was one of the little girls as from the searches I've done it seems when the big girls lay shell less eggs they have a good yolk and such.

Thanks for any info
Whatever is was big. Maybe then it was shedding the intestinal lining. It was semi clotted and the glob of blood was about as big as the yolk would be. There was no yellow yolk at all. Nothing in the box today that looked like that. 3 beautiful eggs :) Thanks for responding.

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